We build Schools
supporting children's future 

Last year, we initiated a new school project in Nepal to ensure quality education for thousands of children in the poorest areas of the country.

Our plan is to construct 10 schools, which will be earthquake safe as well as gender and disability friendly. All schools will have electricity by solar power, toilets, wash facilities and clean drinking water, which is important to keep children in school and healthy. We will also train and educate teachers to improve their skills and knowledge about child rights and equality for girls

New furniture, books and learning materials in the classroom as well as kitchen gardens at the school premises will create a new and safe environment for the children, improving their education and benefit the entire community for years to come.

We donate 5%

of revenue from Plan plush toys
to Plan International school projects in Nepal.


With your support we have made a difference for thousands of children in Indonesia and Nepal

Highlights include two state-of-the-art health centers and a total of 22 new schools. Furthermore we reached and supported 2.000 families including 4.928 children under the age of five directly, and awarded scholarships to 163 former slave girls in Nepal

22 new shools

have been build since 2009

+2.000 families incl. 4.928 children

received support and education for enhanced health

163 scholarships

were awarded to former slave girls in Nepal

Current project - status

During January to end Marts 2024 our School project has made remarkable progress with construction schemes commenced and expedited.   

Read more about all initiatives in the latest report.

Together we make a difference

At Nature Planet we have a goal to make a difference and have a positive impact. 

We focus on responsibility and environmental impact when we design and develop our products of the highest quality. Reuse, reduce and recycle is our mantra. 

We have an ambition to make the world a better place for endangered species and for the most marginalized children. Therefore, we donate 5% of our revenue on Plan product range, to Plan International school projects. 

Your support changes lives


Several times a year we put up a report which tells how far we are with the projects and when they are expected to be completed. Below you can download the various reports which are divided into quarters.


Download Q1 2024 report

Download Q3 2023 report

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